Volunteers for ShYFT Gives Back Selangor

On 22nd September 2023, 11 ACCA students of UOW Malaysia Glenmarie participated in a volunteering program organized by ShYFT. ShYFT is an alumni association for recipients of Yayasan Peneraju scholarship dedicated to serving as agents of change who remain committed to engaging in meaningful activities and community development that contributes to the nation.

Volunteers with ShYFT Alumni and ShYFT Staff

ShYFT Gives Back Selangor : The Great Team Pursuit was held in Sekolah Berasrama Penuh Integrasi Gombak (INTEGOMB). Around 122 Form 4 students from the school joined the program.
The program started at 2p.m. with Ice-Breaking session where all students are divided into group. 

A game called "Angin Bertiup" was conducted in order to divide all students into 8 different group.
Once the group have been formed, each group are given chances to select one volunteers to become their facilitators and joined them as a group members. Each group then given tasks to choose a group name, craft a logo using recyclable items and create a group cheer.

Ice-breaking session - logo making activities

Group Cheers

Following the engaging ice-breaking session, the program proceeded with and informative talk by representatives from Yayasan Peneraju. Subsequently, all participating students and volunteers engaged in a funa and interactive game known as "Chocolate Rush". In this game, students and scholars paired up and attentively listened to instructions provided by the program leader. The objective was to win the game and accumulate points for their respective teams.


Chocolate Rush Activities

Next, the program proceeded with another engaging challenge known as the "Soft Sofa Challenge." In this task, all participating groups were assigned the creative challenge of constructing a soft sofa using balloons and tape. The primary objective was to ensure that one of the group members could successfully sit on the sofa within a time limit of 10 seconds without causing the ballons to pop.

Soft Sofa Challenge

Finally, all students gathered in a large circle for a meaningful activity. Each participant were given 3 cards for them to write their appreciation. The first card was to express gratitude and appreciation for themselves, recognizing their own efforts and qualities. The second card was intended for the person sitting next to them acknowledging the contributions and positive qualities of their fellow participant, Lastly, the third card was dedicated to the most important person for them in their batch, recognizing and appreciating someone who played a significant role in their academic journey.

Appreciation activity

Following this heartwarming activity, the program concluded with a closing ceremony where the team that had accumulated the most points throughout the program was rewarded with prizes. Additionally "From Zero To Hero" awards were presented to the best male and female participants who showed improvement in contributing ideas to their  respective groups.


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