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PAC Firm Visit To KPMG

Official poster On 25th July 2023, approximately 41 ACCA students and 3 accompanying staff members embarked on an insightful and educational visit to KPMG Malaysia. The day began promptly with registration commencing at 8.00 AM. At 9.30 AM, the group board the bus and departed to the firm. Upon arrival at the KPMG Malaysia, the visit started with a memorable group photo captured at the entrance of the building. Subsequently, participants proceeded to register and retrieve their name tags. Group photo upon arrival at the firm The visit commenced with an informative office tour, offering a firsthand glimpse into one of the firm's department. This immersive experience provided valuable insights into the daily operations and working environment at KPMG Malaysia. Following the office tour, participants engaged in an engaging Ice Breaking Session, which included a fun TikTok Challenge. Winner of the challenge were rewarded with prize. Winner of the TikTok Challenge The highlight of the v