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PAC Club October Bonding Session

  Official poster On 16th October 2022 PAC Club held a Bonding Session at Taman Tasik Shah Alam. This program was organized to facilitate interaction and camaraderie among the new committee members and existing committee members. With a total of 18 committee members that attended the program, we aimed to help bridge the between the members and promoting unity within the members. Group photo During the program, an exciting explorace activity took place where the committee members were divided into 3 groups. Members were provided with clues to guide them to 5 different checkpoints and were also given clues to identify a "Villain" among them. Through this explorace, we encourage teamwork between the committee members.   "Mafia Game" While waiting for lunch, an engaging "Mafia Game" was organized. 3 "Mafias", a "Doctor" and a "Police" were selected  among the members. The "Citizen" members need to identify the 3 Mafias a