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20th National Inter-Varsity Accounting Quiz (N-IVAQ) 2022

  UOW Malaysia KDU University College have sent two teams to the 20 th National Inter-Varsity Accounting Quiz (N-IVAQ) 2022 organised by Multimedia University (MMU) Malacca Campus. Each team consists of 4 ACCA students’ representatives from the Professional Accountancy Centre (PAC) UOWMKDU. The N-IVAQ divided into two stages – the qualifying round and the final round.   Day 1: 14 th May 2022 The 20 th N-IVAQ qualifying round was held virtually via the Google Meet and Google Classroom platforms. The registration of participants began at 9:00am, followed by the opening speech from the event director, FOB Dean of MMU and MIA executive director. At 10:00 am, all participants were required to join their Google Meet and Google Classroom, which had been designated prior to the event day. In a respective Google Meet, the teams were given a briefing on rules and regulations as well as an honesty pledge to be filled out by the teams before proceeding to the qualifying round. The