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Alumni Sharing Session

On the 25th of April 2022, 30 participants from ACCA course participated in this Alumni Sharing Session via online platform, Google Meet. Some registrants were not able to attend this workshop on the event day. The registration was conducted via Google Form. The invitation link of the event was sent to the participants as well as the speaker via email before the event day. event poster At 10.05, the participants were welcomed by the host. Before the start of the event, there was a photography session conducted among all the participants and the alumni, Ms. Filzah Razak and Ms. Shiau Zhen. a group photo at the start of event At 10.15am, the emcee, Izzati Umairah Binti Mohd Nadzri gave a welcoming speech followed by a short speech by Ms. Kok Shwu Jiun, the representative from UOW Malaysia KDU Professional Accountancy Centre. speech by Ms. Kok Shwu Jiun At 10.20am sharp, the first segment of the sharing session, “Life after becoming an ACCA affiliate” started with the emcee, asking severa

Ala Fiesta - Japan

  On the 23rd of June 2022, UOW Malaysia KDU Student & Alumni Centre (SAC) held an event, Ala Fiesta. The purpose of the event is to learn more about the history of different countries.  We have prepared some Japanese street foods such as Gyoza, Korokke and Kakigori. Gyoza and Korokke sold out faster than expected.  The menu of Japanese street foods We have also prepared some Japanese traditional games such as Sudoku puzzles and Hanetsuki, a traditional game similar to badminton but without a net, for participants to play. Besides, some art crafting like making Kimono bookmarks and crane bookmarks was also held on that day.  One of the traditional games played by the organising committee  Making crane bookmark by the participant Finally, the event has successfully wrapped up and we believe that all of us are having fun and learning some history of different countries from this event.  Group photos with PAC staff and organising committees 

PAC Club June Bonding Session

Official poster of PAC Club Bonding Session On 14 th June 2022, 10 committee members from the PAC Club attended the June Bonding Session at UOW Malaysia KDU University College. The event started at 10 a.m. punctually. The event director, Ainul Khairiyiah and PAC Club President, Shahira gave opening speeches before starting on the activities planned.     After speeches, we started on the first activity, Dodge Ball. The game was led by Mohamed Misfar and Nurul Aqeelah. In this game, everyone was divided into two groups of 5 people each and it encourages teamwork. One team will throw balls to the opposing team whereas the opposing team must dodge it. Any member who was ‘hit’ by the ball will be eliminated. When all members of a team are eliminated, then the other team wins.     After playing Dodge Ball, we played a game called Scavenger Hunt. This game was led by Sara Adrianna, Nurul Izzati and Juan Le. In this game, 9 participants are divided into 3 groups and each team will receive an