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LinkedIn Workshop

On the 17th of April 2022, 32 participants from ACCA course participated in this LinkedIn Workshop via online platform Zoom. Some registrants were not able to attend this workshop on the event day. The registration was conducted via Google Form. The invitation link of the event was sent to the participants as well as the speaker via email before the event day. event poster At 10.05, the participants were welcomed by the host. Before the start of the event, there was a photography session conducted among all the participants and the speaker, Nazrul Irfanradi. a group photo at the start of event At 10.15am, the emcee, Ahmad Haikal bin Wandi Yadzid gave a welcoming speech and a short introduction of the speaker. introduction of speaker by emcee At 10.20am sharp, Nazrul Irfanradi started the workshop by sharing to the participants on “How To Get Started on LinkedIn as a Student?”. During this session, he explained why students should use LinkedIn, what should we post on LinkedIn, who to c