Sharing Session With EY X Charity

On the 4th October 2021, 40 participants from both FIA and ACCA courses participated in this Sharing Session with EY X Charity via the online platform Google Meet. Some participants were not able to attend this session on the event day. The registration and donation were conducted via Google Form. The itinerary and invitation link of the event were sent to the participants as well as the speakers via email before the event day.


                                                                          event poster

At 2:00pm, the participants were welcomed by the host and an opening speech was given by Mr. Tham Kian Tung, the event director, introducing everyone to the speakers and the agenda of the sharing session.

Sharp at 2:20pm, Ms Aisyah started with a welcoming speech and introduction to EY Malaysia.


                                                  participants listening to the speech by Ms Aisyah

Next, an experience sharing session as an auditor was given by Mr Lawrence followed by Ms Norshafiqah who works in the tax field. A Q&A session was carried out for participants to understand more about the role of working in an accounting firm. Participants were actively participating in the session.


                                                 participants listening to the speech by Mr Lawrence


                                               participants listening to the speech by Ms Norshafiqah

Finally, a speech regarding application to EY was given by Ms Aisyah to the participants. Participants have gained insight regarding the application process to join EY. There was a photography session among all the participants and the speakers at the end of the session.


                                                          A group photo at the end of the session

On the 1st November 2021, the cheque amounting to RM295.00 was passed to the old folks home. (Pertubuhan Kebajikan Warga Emas Kenang Budi Kuala Lumpur)


                                                  The cheque was passed to the person in charge.

The Sharing Session With EY X Charity has successfully wrapped up.


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