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General Knowledge Quiz x Business Challenge 2021

  In the year 2021, Professional Accountancy Club (PAC) organizes the first-ever event, General Knowledge Quiz x Business Challenge 2021. We hope that through this event, we could help students to improve their verbal communication skills and boost creativity in them. Besides that, we think that this could also be the perfect moment for us to promote a fun way to study out-of-classroom skills and general knowledge. This event was separated into 2 stages: General Knowledge Quiz and Business Challenge. General Knowledge Quiz will be open to all students who are currently studying in UOWMKDU, and the top 15 students who scored the highest in this round, would proceed to the next stage, Business Challenge. General Knowledge Quiz is open from 20 th April to 24 th June 2021. In this stage, students would need to register themselves via the google form that we have attached in our posts on our social media accounts. Once they have registered, we will send them the link for the quiz, along w

Sharing Session With EY X Charity

On the 4th October 2021, 40 participants from both FIA and ACCA courses participated in this Sharing Session with EY X Charity via the online platform Google Meet. Some participants were not able to attend this session on the event day. The registration and donation were conducted via Google Form. The itinerary and invitation link of the event were sent to the participants as well as the speakers via email before the event day.                                                                                                                              event poster At 2:00pm, the participants were welcomed by the host and an opening speech was given by Mr. Tham Kian Tung, the event director, introducing everyone to the speakers and the agenda of the sharing session. Sharp at 2:20pm, Ms Aisyah started with a welcoming speech and introduction to EY Malaysia.                                                                                                  participants listening to the speech

How Well Do You Know Your World? – Tourism Quiz

From the 26 th February 2021 to 28 th February 2021, 136 participants under PAC’s programme participated in How Well Do You Know Your World – Tourism Quiz via social media platform, Instagram. The briefing of the game was conducted on Instagram before the event day. Friday, 26 th February 2021 The poster was first uploaded on Instagram’s Stories feature and then followed up with 5 different quizzes for participants to answer. The correct answer of the quiz will automatically appear right after they have answered the quiz.                               (snapshot of event poster and our quiz on this date on Instagram’s Stories feature.) Saturday, 27 th February 2021 Another 5 different quizzes were uploaded for participants to answer. The correct answer of the quiz will automatically appear right after they have answered the quiz.                                                     (snapshot of two out of five new quiz on this date on Instagram’s Stories feature) Sunday, 28 th Febru

E Sports-PUBG Mobile

  Professional Accountancy Club(PAC) held an event on that day which is E Sports-PUBG Mobile. The E Sports-PUBG Mobile were held on the Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds(PUBG) Mobile App. Our organizing committees had discussed in the google meet regarding the game on how to conduct it, how participants will participate and so on. We have conducted a rehearsal two days before the event day which is on Friday, 23/7/2021 to test the event flow and live stream on Facebook. (The event poster for ‘E Sport-PUBG Mobile’) On 25/7/2021 (Sunday), the game was participated by 12 teams which consisted of 4 team members each. Each organizing committee was assigned with different roles and Eugene, a member of Christian fellowship club, acts as the shout caster for this event. The Top 3 winner of the game is determined by the most points accumulated in 4 matches by each team. We also have the timekeeper to measure time taken for each game. There are four matches with different maps.  The game begins at