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MASC 2018

1 st Day (26 th January) Morning of MASC KDU students that paticipated in MASC Malaysian Accounting Students Convention (MASC), the camp that everyone has been looking forward to. The event is organised by the University of Malaya Accounting Club (UMAC) and it has been bringing both private and public tertiary institutions together from all around Malaysia. This camp has been talked about several times by our senior. This year, it was held from 26 th to 28 th of January. This is the recap of what happened on the first day of camp. We started off with registration and breakfast. After that, we begin our journey to the main venue where all of our activities were held throughout the camp. The opening ceremony started with a bang by a spectacular opening gimmick that made everyone stare in awe. After the ceremony was over, right before we head for our lunch, we had a short gaming session using ‘’