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Volunteering in Buku Jalanan by IOJ

Greetings from PAC Club! It has been awhile since we last updated you on our activities. Finally, we are able to tell you about our Volunteering with IOJ! On 4 selected Friday nights in the months of March and April, the PAC Committees have chosen to volunteer this year instead of holding a charity event! We were tiny bit unsure at first about how this would go but it all turned out well in the end. Unfortunately, we were not able to get some pictures with the kids as their identities were to be protected. Please read on if you're interested or browse through our other activities. Without further ado, let us get on with it... Charity should begin at home, but should not stay there. PAC Club is having their annual Charity event again for the year 2017. This year, PAC Club collaborated with  Institut Onn Ja’afar  (IOJ) for 4 sessions of voluntary work. IOJ is a non-profit organisation based in Ara Damansara Petaling Jaya, Malaysia and it strives to provide temporary relie

The Annual Grand Ball 2017

Midnight in Paris , an elegant and romantic theme for one of the largest events organised annually by the Professional Accountancy Centre (PAC) Club, The Annual Grand Ball 2017 (AGB 2017). The event proved to be an overwhelming success with over 150 ladies and gentlemen giving their best to dress up like a runway models during Paris Fashion Week. This year, AGB 2017 aimed to bring you more spectacular performances by collaborating with KDU’s Got Talent Season 2 (KGT) for the second time and inviting well known performers to spice up the programme flow. Hav e a look at our write-up on the major moments which happened during The Annual Grand Ball 2017. Welcome to our Annual Grand Ball! The guests of AGB 2017 first entered the glamourous venue through the main entrance which was decorated sophisticatedly with sparkling champagne toned curtains after registering themselves at the registration counter. Our photographers then stored the best looks of each participant complemen

KDU's Got Talent Season 2

Professional Accountancy Centre (PAC) Club is delighted to announce that KDU's Got Talent Season 2 has ended successfully. The objectives behind organising this event is to nurture the intrinsic qualities of students and remove the fear of stage among students which helps in personality development. Why don't we check out what happened? Thank you to the design team for the wonderful poster ! The participants of KDU’s Got Talent Season 2 were categorised into the individual or group category in order to suit their needs while performing on stage. The dates of the audition and semi-finals were scheduled at 13th September 2017 (Wednesday) and 20th September 2017 (Wednesday) respectively. As for the finale, we manage to collaborate with The Annual Grand Ball 2017 for the second year, which was held on the 7th October 2017 (Saturday). The largest event of our club: The Annual Grand Ball This year, we were extremely fortunate to have a chance to invite profe