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16th National Inter-Varsity Accounting Quiz 2017

Under the guidance of KDU Professional Accountancy Centre (PAC) lecturers  - Mr Ben Wang and Ms Kok Shwu Jiun, a total of 2 participating teams and 1 support team were sent to participate in the 16 th  National Inter-Varsity Accounting Quiz (N-IVAQ) held in Malacca on the 13 th  & 14 th  of April 2017. The 16 th   N-IVAQ being an annual event has attracted public and private universities to its doors over the years. The national accounting quiz attracted a total of 58 teams from 32 colleges and universities across Malaysia this year, including UKM, UTAR, UiTM, UNITEN, IUKL, INTI International College, APU, Segi College, KTC, Swinburne University and Sunway College. There were two teams representing KDU College   at the competition. (F rom left) Team A – Chin Jia Yi, Joyce Loy Hui Eng, Wong Poh Yoong and Tieh Jien Hern. (From left) Team B –  Chin Chee Liang, Wong Juan Hao, Jessica Chow Jin Wei and   Wong Siew Wen. The quiz consisted of three rounds: Quali