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WE ARE BACK ♥ After almost 2 years, PAC had organized another prom night. Not only that, we had marked our history by having the very first KDU’s Got Talent.  Therefore, proudly present KDU Awards, Talent and Prom (ATP) Night: The Great Gatsby . Let’s us  take a stroll down memory lane and recall the amazing night on 24th September 2016. First of all, we had Ms Tee Mei Fong (PAC Programme Leader), Mr Chan Tze Kang (PAC Head of Academics), Mr Ben Wang Yaw Siong (PAC Senior Executive of Student Recruitment and Support), Mr James Lee Gim Thong (Event Advisor), Mr Daniel Lee, and Ms Joyce Loy Hui Eng (Event Director) to officiate the event. Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Next, breathtaking performance by Dance For Love           First talent show of the night Flawless dance performance by Mr Zachary Ooi Presentation of awards to Top Scorers. Congratulations to all! Another talent show of the night Astounding belly