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Malaysian Accounting Students Convention - MASC 2016

Hello 2016! MASC is back once again! Malaysian Accounting Students Convention a.k.a MASC is held every year at University Malaya (UM) organised by University Malaya Accounting Club (UMAC). Many public and private universities would participate in this event. It was truly an honour for our ACCA and CAT students to be given the opportunity to participate in this event. This event has given us a great experience and has taught us many things. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and to share our thoughts and stories with them. Here are some memories we would like to share with the world! ;) After registration Spot KDU's logo! On our second day of MASC, we had a forum session and an interactive game in the morning which were indoors. After lunch, we head to Botanical Gardens Kuala Lumpur for the PWC Explorace. Once we were done with that, then came along dinner and the night tour. After all that's done, we were done for the day. Zzz Wi