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KDU PAC - Julai Orientation - Academic Briefing for ACCA & CAT Students

5 th July marked an important date for KDU PAC. A new intake began and it was the day we welcomed all ACCA & CAT freshmen to KDU. Our team worked together and put on our best act in welcoming the new batch of students who has put their trust in us KDU PAC to give them the best study experience they will never forget. Curious on how the event went? Let’s the pictures speak! Helpful Committee Member (Charmaine)  who was guiding new students to the venue of orientation being held.  Students registered before the event started. Committee Member (Lai Yee) guiding new student to like our facebook page : ACCA KDU (PAC) . It’s an important platform for all student, staff and alumni to interact and bond. Handsome Emcee of the day (Shing Jiang) Welcome Speech presented by our Academic Head of PAC (Mr Chan Tze Kang).      Insightful speech delivered by Student Support Exec