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KDU-PAC Charity Event 2015 - Lend A Colorful Hand

Lend a Co l ou rf ul Hand PAC Club members begin to organise charity event in the year of 2013  and it didn't stop there. This year on 12 th of April, we as the organising committee together with the volunteers went to the Lovely Nursing Centre at about 8am. Then later at about 12pm, we went to Pusat Jagaan Kanak-Kanak Sayang to visit the orphanage. And of course, we won't be going empty-handed . We brought some grocery stuff for them where we collected our funds from the " Charity Event Booth" . KDU DJ Campus, Charity Booth =) We learn a lot from the friendly elderly where they shared their past with us. Before we leave, we had a small singing session with them. We were glad that we did pay a visit to the centre because they really need people to talk with them. They also need to know that there are people who care for them and to let them know that they are not alone. We're all ready to go =) "Grocery Things we