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CAT Academic Briefing March Intake

On 19th  March 2015, we, the Professional Accountancy Centre (PAC) Club had an ACADEMIC BRIEFING for the new batch of students in CAT for the March intake. Our team worked together and put on our best act in welcoming the new batch of students who has put their trust in us KDU PAC to give them the best study experience they will never forget. As the saying goes “all talk but no walk”. But we have proofs that we walked the talk. From the registration duty all the way until the end of the event, we have pictures that proves everything during the event went well.Without further ado, let us let the pictures do the talking. Route To Professional Accountancy Careers. Our New Batch of CAT Students Students were first inspired by Mr Ben Wang,who gave a very insightful speech to our new batch of students regarding the path of accountancy and where the road we have chosen will lead us to. Career wise as well as individually how it will affect our thinking. Mr Ben is our new Student S