Orientation Day 3rd January 2015

On 3rd January 2015, we, the Professional Accountancy Centre (PAC) Club had an orientation for the new batch of students in CAT & ACCA for the January intake. Our orientation team worked together and put on our best act in welcoming the new batch of students who has put their trust in us KDU PAC to give them the best study experience they will never forget. As the saying goes “all talk but no walk”. But we have proofs that we walked the talk. From the registration duty all the way until the end of the orientation, we have pictures that proves everything during the orientation went well. Based on feedback of certain students, orientation is indeed a very important situation for every new batches of students as they were given steps and knowledge they could use inside and outside the classroom. Without further ado, let us let the pictures do the talking.

Students registering before the start of the orientation

Our orientation team setting up the computer slide

Our orientation registration team
(Jia Yi; Joyce Loy)

Our orientation Emcee of the day
(Sky Tang)

           Students were first inspired by Mr Chan Tze Kang,who gave a very insightful speech to our new batch of students regarding the path of accountancy and where the road we have chosen will lead us to. Career wise as well as individually how it will affect our thinking. Mr. Chan has more than 15 years of teaching experience and has taught at over 6 countries overseas such as Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Uganda etc. Students were listening intently to what Mr. Chan is speaking and is very interested in learning more about the different ways and methods of becoming a Professional Chartered Accountant.

Our Academic Head of PAC
(Mr. Chan Tze Kang)

students listening intently to the speech by Mr. Chan

           After the insightful speech by Mr. Chan Tze Kang,it was time for another speech by Mr James Lee. Our emcee introduced a little bit about the PAC Club and a few examples of the events we previously held before introducing Mr James up on stage to give a more detailed talk about PAC Club and what we really are. Mr. James took the stage and gave a blast to students who gave us a positive response towards the PAC Club with a few students asking us when is the next available recruitment.

Introduction of PAC Club by the President of PAC
(Mr. James Lee Gim Thong)

Sharing sessions by other PAC Committee Members
(Mr. Daryl Cheh Mun Kin)

           After the speech given by Mr. James as well as Mr. Daryl, it was time to replenish some lost energy and stamina as students were feeling drained out from the speeches. So to help replenish their energy, students were served various refreshments, ranging from mini doughnuts to finger licking nuggets as well as having coffee or tea. Our refreshment were hot selling as students were lining up to get their hands on our doughnuts and nuggets. Coffees were finished with a small bit amount of tea left.

Students getting their hands on our refreshments that were being served

           After the refreshments, it was time for the campus tour. Students were lead around the campus to let them get familiar with the campus as well as knowing where the facilities are being located for their ease of use and knowledge. The campus tour was being lead by Ms. Jia Yi & Mr. Daryl.

Students were being informed of the places available in the campus
(Ms. Jia Yi)

Student Alumni Centre (SAC); Exam Department
(Mr. James)

Marketing, Counselling, Admin; Bursary Department
(Mr. Daryl)

Library; classrooms for specific class usage
(Ms Jia Yi; Mr. Daryl)

           Once we're done with the campus tour, the orientation has come to an end. It is with a heavy heart that we have to say goodbye here. But nevertheless, it was a fun filled day with lots of inspirations. We've met and made new friends, broadening our network circle as well as meeting people with different backgrounds and different insights. Before we end the day, we had our students take a group photo with us before the orientation officially comes to an end.

A formal group photo with the students and the orientation team

           After the group photo, the orientation has finally come to an end, it was time for us to bid farewell to our new batch of students. Students were busy asking questions about PAC Club and our orientation team was more than willing to help them answer their questions. Thank you for the support of the students who have entrusted KDU PAC with their studies and thank you to the orientation team who has help made this orientation a successful one!

A group candid photo to show how satisfied our students were with the orientation



  1. Yeah I know about Orientation Day that was held and celebrated at the Professional Accountancy Centre. Actually my uncle Dr. Aloke Ghosh was present there on this Orientation Day. He said it was a knowledgeable event for all the students.

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