Colours In You 2014

October was an amazing month full of inspiring content and events. We are sure you loved it.
On an unforgettable date, 11th October 2014, KDU PAC Club had organized a glorious project named "COLOURS IN YOU."
Nothing is more important than having active and capable people on committees. Committees of this event had devoted all their efforts, sweats and bloods to the succession of the event.

Without further ado, let the pictures do the talking!

Decoration on the registration booth.

 The great hall was shimmering in light, the tables are decorated with embroidered hangings in ballon and ablaze with colours.

Register yourselves before ready to party! 

Arrival of VIPs.
Purple: Prof Khong
Emcee of the night ~

Colours Opening Ceremony By VIPs

Speech after Opening Ceremony
Opening speech by PAC Head of Academic Mr Chan Tze Kang & President of PAC Club, Mr Wong Jun Mun.

Let’s us present to you the in-house performances from our ACCA students.
(P/s: who says that there is only FIGURES in the accounting students’ mind)

First Performance of the Night
ACCApella - Choir

After 1st Performance, we will have our 1st Award Session - 
~ CAT Award Ceremony ~
Congratulation to all CAT TopScorers and Graduates. ^^

Acknowledgement of Sponsors for the "Colours"
Sponsors for The Event:
  1. ACCA Malaysia
  2. Crowe Howard Malaysia
  3. The Colorido Nail Care Spa
  4. DL Training Consultancy
  5. Ms Gee Kim Geok
1st Round of Lucky Winner. Congratulation
Mini Game before Dinner Start - Hunger Game by Emcee

Buffer Dinner - Thai Cuisine
นี้มีรสชาติอร่อย This is delicious’

After Awesome Dinner, we will continue our next Award Session - ACCA Award Ceremony.
Congratulation to all ACCA TopScorers and Graduates.

After the Award, Second Performance are READY! PAC DRAGON!
Second Performance
Bucket Drumming

Second Round of Lucky Draw REAY GO!!!!
Second Round Lucky Winner - Insta Camera. Congratulation!

Lucky Grand Prize - Mini Ipad. Congratulation!
The Person that have most lucky of the night!!!!
Colours King and Queen. Congratulation!
WOW!! Colourful Dresscode.
Committees Performance - Nameless Group
‘Because I’m happy’ – Happy by Pharell William

Highlight of the Night - Open Dance Floor

HipHop Style - 
Let's Shake Our Body !

Puts Your Hands Up !

It's Glad to see the Smiling Face!
Introduction of Colours Organising Committees ~
The simple act of saying 'thank you' is a demonstration of gratitude in response to an experience that was meaningful to those who had physically and morally support us. On behalf of organizing committees, I would like to thank you and wish you good luck in upcoming exams.
 “Life comes in sizes, shapes, weights, colours and heights, however it comes to you can only be the best way it should and you can only make the best out of it when you are proud of who you are.” 
Ikechukwu Izuakor


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