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Colours In You 2014

PAC ANNUAL DINNER & AWARDS NIGHT 2014 October was an amazing month full of inspiring content and events. We are sure you loved it. On an unforgettable date, 11 th October 2014, KDU PAC Club had organized a glorious project named "COLOURS IN YOU." Nothing is more important than having active and capable people on   committees . Committees of this event had devoted all their efforts, sweats and bloods to the succession of the event. Without further ado, let the pictures do the talking! Decoration on the registration booth.   The great hall was shimmering in light, the tables are decorated with embroidered hangings in ballon and ablaze with colours. Register yourselves before ready to party!  Arrival of VIPs. Purple: Prof Khong Emcee of the night ~  Left:Daryl Right:LiYen Colours Opening Ceremony By VIPs Speech after Opening Ceremony Opening speec