Award Afternoon 2013

On the 28th September 2013, PAC Club had organised it's important event on the year - Award Afternoon 2013. During the afternoon ACCA and CAT's student were presented an awards for Top Scorers for each papers and certificates were also presented to those ACCA and CAT's students who had graduated. Our main purpose is not only to awards students who excel. We wanted this event to work as a platform for students to interact with each other and also with their lecturer.

The itinerary of the afternoon :

Awards Ceremony

5.00p.m Registration for Awards Ceremony

5.30p.m Opening Ceremony for Awards Ceremony - Speech by our VVIP
5.45p.m Awards Ceremony
  • - CAT & ACCA Top Scorers for Dec. 2012 sitting
  • - CAT & ACCA Top Scorers for June 2013 sitting
  • - CAT & ACCA Graduates for Dec 2012
  • - CAT& ACCA Graduates for June 2013
  • - Presentation of Certificate to PAC Club Committee member 2012

6.15p.m Closing ceremony - Photo Session

  • - Light refreshments
I will said, "all the pictures got their meaning", so let the picture recall your memories. The story of the Award Afternoon 2013.

VIP's Counter
Award Recipient Counter
The Book of the AWARD DAY.

Award Recipient

Award Recipient
Award Recipient

Let us have a photo when waiting the event start.

All recipients were arrived our award room one after the other.
After our recipients, then we just wait for our VIP's.

VIP's arrival
Our emcee of the day is Daryl Cheh.
Have a good starting.
Daryl Cheh, Emcee of the day.

The first activity of the award is Opening Speech by Mr Chan Tze Kang, Head of the PAC Centre.

Mr Chan Tze Kang, Head of PAC Centre
After Speech by Mr Chan, it's the main activity of the day, Award Ceremony.
CAT Graduates DEC 2012
CAT Graduates June 2013
CAT Graduates June 2013
ACCA Graduates DEC 2012
ACCA Graduates DEC 2012 and MR Chan
ACCA Graduates June 2013
After the Award Ceremony, Group Photo session begin. =)

All Award Recipient and PAC Staff and Lecturer.
After all the session are ended, it's random photo session.


I want give a big clap for all the supporter that giving us the support and motivate us. 

'We would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.'


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