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De Masquerade Ball

                  On a fateful night, one president summoned his members and declared he had an idea. An idea that was often ruled out as unsuitable,unfeasible, unacceptable. But he was not one to back down, with his mighty paw he gathered volunteers and christened the project, MISSION TO THE MOON!!!                   The project lasted a no more than 4 months, with limited time, much has to be done. The team work tirelessly, with only one thing on their mind, to get the job done. The following is the flower of their blood, sweat and tears.  KDU PAC CLUB Presents: The Masquerade For tonight's dinner, we serve Joy, Happiness, Laughter in a Dome as well as a glass of sweet Memories.  Once the tummy is filled, it is now the heart's turn to Feast. Nothing better than a little music to sooth our Soul.                               Next we have Lady Luck to shine upon her favorite soul.