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Team Building 2013 @ Skytrek Adventure

KDU-PAC CLUB had organised TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITY AT SKYTREK ADVENTURE , SHAH ALAM at 25 August 2013 (Sunday). All participants were very happy with a BIG SMILE!!!! In a blink of eyes, another Team Building 2013 has Come and Gone.WOO!!!  As always, registration is the beginning of this wonderful event. Hence, all participants were required to wait outside PAC Office for registration and collect breakfast. Committee members were assigned to give name tag and food to participants while the participants chat away in anticipation for what is installed. Our Team Building Name Tag After registration and the collection of food, we sat patiently while waiting for our very own bus to arrive. HOOYEAH!! THE BUS IS HERE!!  Committee member said hi with bus driver and took a photo with him also. SAY Hello!!!!! Up the bus we GO~ Our Assistant Event Director: CJ :' Roll Call People !!! ' Event Director: Michelle Pang M