Interview with ACCA F8 prize winner : Cho Wei Chuen

Miss Cho Wei Chuen who excelled in ACCA Paper F8, Audit & Assurance is being awarded 1st placing in Malaysia and 7th in the world for the subject in December 2012 exam sitting.  She has made us proud, and we are glad that ACCA honoured her with the award on her outstanding performance.
Miss Yeong Gin Li took a chance to interview Wei Chuen after the good news are being announced:

Miss Yeong Gin Li   Wei Chuen

Can you tell us about your education background?

I pursued CAT after graduated from SPM and moved on to ACCA. Currently, I am left with 6 papers to be attempted.

Have you ever expected of achieving 1st place in Malaysia before you were informed of your results? And how do you feel?

No, I have never expected that would happen to me. I was overjoyed and excited about it.

Could you share with us the story behind the success and how did you manage to achieve it?

I think support from my peers is really important, given that we are going through the same pathway and experience in studies. In other words, you would not want to be all alone studying such a challenging course.

Besides, attempting past year questions is essential. It helps a lot in passing the exams because you do not want the actual exam to be your first attempt of exam standard questions; that would be too risky! Self-initiative is really important!

How do you find Paper F8 – Audit and Assurance, and the lecturer?

F8 is a challenging subject because most students would prefer computational subject rather than theoretical subject. There are a lot to understand and learn, but I believe it will contribute to my career. Mr Joey is a nice lecturer. He is both helpful and resourceful.

Why do you choose ACCA and what is your dream?

I believe that comes from peer pressure, since a lot of my friends recommended ACCA as one of the most prestigious courses. My dream is to be able to achieve a better life style with the qualification obtained which will assist me to excel in my career.

Do you have the confidence to get a similar achievement in the future?

To be honest, I do not. This current achievement was totally unexpected.

Will you consider Paper P7 – Advanced Audit and Assurance as your option paper?

I have no plan at the moment. But I will think about it.

What is the most difficult thing that troubles you and how do you manage the stress?

I find juggling with work and studies is really challenging and stressful. I think managing my time wisely will help a lot, especially to find time for studies and revision.  I love to watch movies, dramas and hang out with friends to release my stress and to strike a balance in life.

We would like to wish Wei Chuen all the best for her remaining ACCA papers and we are looking forward for her higher achievement.


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