Interview with ACCA affiliates: Mr. Tan Wei Seng

We are privileged to have an interview session with a couple of our ACCA affiliates who recently graduated from ACCA course from KDU University College. Our interviewee is Mr. Tan Wei Seng. The following is the interview with Mr Tan Wei Seng by Wafiy Sotimin:-

Wafiy Sotimin  Mr.Tan Wei Seng

First of all, congratulations on your success. 

Thank you! 

What was your feeling when you received your recent results and realised that you have finally completed your ACCA studies?

I was shocked. I actually felt that the exam was very tough for me. However, I was happy that I finally passed all my papers.

From your experience, which paper gave you a tough time among all the papers and why?

F8, F9 and P5. Especially P5.

Would you share with us how do you manage your time from the start of the semester up to nearing the exam time?

Usually, I started to study everyday 1 or 2 months before the exams. I started my revision by reading through the notes and then moved on to attempt all the past year questions 2 to 3 times. However, in my opinion, practicing the past year questions too many times may not be good for the candidates. This is because you basically have all the answers in your mind. So, you tend to “paste” the answers when you see a similar question.

Do you mind sharing your study method with us?
I went through the notes and tried out the past year questions. When I have any doubts, I always refer to my lecturers or friends.

Do you use text book?

Yes, but only for P5. I read the textbook 2-3 times.

Do you connect with other ACCA students from other University/Colleges in order to gain better understanding of any particular subject?
Yes. We shared our problems and exchanged exam tips.

I'm sure a lot of students would like to know this. What are the things that drive/motivate you to keep going, keep on moving to achieve your goals (i.e. Finishing ACCA)?

I felt like giving up when I failed some of my papers. But, I told myself not to. Give me one more chance and I will make it. I've been working hard and studying for so long. So, how can I give up easily? Completing ACCA is part of my ambition!   

Could you tell us how was your overall experience studying ACCA in KDU College?

It was fun. As I knew many people in KDU, there were always something interesting happened around. The college location is convenient for me. I like the class size which is not too big and it’s easy for me to concentrate. 

What is next in your list? Tell us a bit about your future plans.

Maybe I will continue to pursue MBA. But, for now I would like to try something new to determine which direction I am heading to.

Thank you and congratulations again!

You're welcome.


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