Interview with ACCA affiliate: Ms. Madihah binti Abdul Malek

We are privileged to have an interview session with a couple of our ACCA affiliates who recently graduated from ACCA course from KDU University College. Our interviewee is Ms.Madihah binti Abdul Malek. The following is the interview with Ms. Madihah by Wafiy Sotimin:-

Wafiy Sotimin  Ms.Madihah binti Abdul Malek

First of all, congratulations on your success.

Thank you!

Which paper did you take last sitting? 

I did P2, P4 and P7.

How did you feel when you received the recent results?

I didn't believe it and I actually had to check it twice. I was more relieved than anything else.

From your experience, which paper gave you a tough time among all the papers and why?

P2.  I was overwhelmed by all the standards and there are always updates on the standard.

How did you tackle the paper? 

I did a lot of past year questions and read up on the standards.

Would you share with us how do you managed your time from the start of the semester up to nearing the exam time?

While I was studying, I was actually involved in a volunteer job with the United Nations. The working hours are very flexible. I worked 3 days per week, around 6 hours a day. So, there's plenty of time for me to study from the balance of 4 days.

Do you mind sharing your study method with us?

Usually I assigned 1 or 2 weeks for 1 chapter depending on the size of the chapter. After I finished up reading a chapter, I will try all the relevant Q&A. When it came to the mid the semester, I did a revision for all the chapters that I have already went through.

Do you connect with other ACCA students from other University/Colleges in order to gain better understanding of any particular subject?

No, not really. I prefer to study alone.

So, you prefer not to have a study group? 
I used to have a study group but the interesting part of it is that none of us were taking the same ACCA papers.

I'm sure a lot of students would like to know this. What are the things that drive/motivate you to keep going, keep on moving to achieve your goals (i.e. Finishing ACCA) 

I quit my job to do ACCA. So, I have to do it because I sacrificed my job. That was my motivation.

Could you tell us how was your overall experience studying ACCA in KDU College?

It was good actually! I quite like the support staff. They're very helpful.  I've had quite a number of times transferring and dropping my ACCA subjects and they're more than accommodating to assist. They helped me to sort out the study materials and everything else. In a sense, they were providing a very good support!    

What is next in your list? Tell us a bit about your future plans.

I am starting to work in an audit firm soon and I will be getting my ACCA membership in 5 months’ time. So hopefully I will be an ACCA member by this June.

Thank you so much for your time. Congratulation again for passing ACCA!


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