Interview with ACCA Affiliates : Mr Wong Loo Khai

We are privileged to have an interview session with a couple of our ACCA affiliates who recently graduated from ACCA course from KDU University College. Our first interviewee is Mr. Wong Loo Khai. He completed his CAT & ACCA course in 2 1/2 years without failing a single paper. The following is the interview with Mr Wong Loo Khai by Wafiy Sotimin:-

Wafiy Sotimin     Mr Wong Loo Khai

First of all, congratulations on your success. I was told that you passed without failing a single paper throughout the ACCA journey. 

Thank you!

What did you feel when you received the recent results?

I was overjoyed. But at the same time, I was relieved when the results turned out within my expectation. I have always wanted to pursue CFA since secondary school. I was told a degree is needed as a start for CFA. But, it will take 4 years to complete a degree, which I think it is time consuming. Hence, I asked my secondary school teacher for advice. He told me that ACCA is the fastest route to CFA and I could complete the ACCA course within 1 1/2 years.

Is your desire to do CFA as much as when you first started your ACCA?


From your experience, which paper gave you the toughest time among all the papers and why?

I find F6 (Taxation) the hardest among all the papers because I self-studied.

Which other papers have you self-studied as well?

P1, P3 and P5

Would you share with us how did you manage your time from the start of the semester up to nearing the exam time?

I think most importantly is to strike a balance between your working time, study time and family time.  3 weeks before the exam, I even spent time playing computer games with my brother to release stress.  Besides, concentration during the lecture is very important.

So, you are working and studying ACCA at the same time?

Yes. I find that working experience is helpful in tackling the questions.
Could you share your study method with us?

I practised all the past year questions. I also read the technical articles and try to understand the underlying key concepts.

Do you connect with other ACCA students from other Universities/Colleges in order to gain better understanding of any particular subject?

I have friends from Pakistan, USA and UK. We used to chat on Facebook. I joined the ACCA web pages of the respective countries and we shared our problems and solve them together.

What are the things that keep you going to achieve your goals?

Actually, I'm inspired by my best friend Seah Choi Keng. He was an ACCA Affiliate in June 2012. It took him 2 1/2 years to complete CAT & ACCA. He is also a Malaysian blogger for Paper P5. He has helped me a lot in P5 and he was also the one that encouraged me to join ACCA.

Could you tell us your overall experience in studying ACCA in KDU University College?

Overall it is a good experience. PAC staff are being very helpful.

What is next in your list? Tell us a bit about your future plan. 

My next step is to pursue my studies in CFA. My dream is to become a portfolio manager.

Any last advice you wish to say?

I recommend students to attempt 4 papers in a sitting because the subjects are related to each other. In my opinion, linking the knowledge of different subjects helps students to answer the questions more comprehensively. I think that is the main reason I passed.

Thank you so much for your time.

You are welcomed.


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