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Miss Chan Yean Peng Interview

Lately PAC Club had finish another interview with another graduate affiliates of ACCA that graduate on December 2011, Miss Chan Yean Peng. She is now the Manager of Accounting Advisory and Outsourcing Service at KPMG Malaysia. She had join KDU University College since July 2009 for several paper including P5 and P7 for December 2011 examination. There are several reasons that encourage her to choose KDU University College over other colleges, one of the main aspects was the location was near her working place as she was and currently working in KPMG that was located at Bandar Utama. Furthermore, the class size was less than 20 people in a class which she is more comfortable with and easier for interaction between lecturers and students. However, the most important factor to Miss Chan was to have lecturers with commitment and passion in teaching. Lastly, the administrative convenience provided by the admin staff as well as friendly atmosphere makes KDU the preferred choice for her