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Free Talk by Mr Ong Hui Zhe

Mr Ong is one of the best student by completing his ACCA in 3 years time. PAC had interviewed him in the last few post ( ) where he reveals his tips to pass all his papers in such a short period of time. PAC  was really lucky to have invited Mr. Ong Hui Zhe to give a free talk on the 25th April 2012. Mr. Ong Hui Zhe giving out TIPSY!! the serious look. Kristina Engcau Mei Fong, Evone , Sabrina, Ong Hui Zhe, Mr Chan  A very big THANK YOU to MR. Ong Hui zhe for spending time with us and sharing his wonderful experiences and tips with us. ^.^ See you soon!!

Completion of Foundation in Professionalism

 On 12 April 2012, PAC had conducted short session to guide FTX and FFM students to complete Foundation in Professionalism. This session started at 12pm: Lets start!!! Our fasilitator: Miss Kok Shwu Jiun Everyone is concentrating!! Foundation in Professionalism is very important in order for students to gain Diploma in Accounting and Business certificate.  Last, feel free to leave comment here or contact us if you have any inquiries.

Corporate Dressing

Date : 22th April 2012 Venue : KDU Damansara Campus TIme : 10 am - 3 pm Event : Grooming Class - Committee The objective of the event:  training for the committees to learn and train the how to dress up for corporate grooming (dressing & make up) and culture.  From here we learn how to put on appropriate make up n postures: The amount of shoes Miss Sabrina brought... from formal to non-formal wear. Available for sale. Evaluation for Wei Sing. What do you ppl think? Our dear president's turn ... Miss Nadhirah !!! Michelle's turn being corrected for not wearing a proper formal shoe.. A pair of formal heel is definitely not red, but something similar to the red. *****CORPORATE LOOK***** Nadhirah and Wafiey Evon and Sabrina. Sabrina conducting the session . Anything wrong with the outfit? when 2 strangers first met. a informal session.. light n easy . a pic during the break.. This grooming cla


On the 15th April 2012, KDU-PAC had organized TEAM BUILDING activity from 11am-6pm in KDU University College. As usual, we started with  DOOR GIFTS                    Waiting for the event starts... Speech from Mr. Alex- details regarding TEAM BUILDING ICE-BREAKING session conducted by Miss Ashwini hmm~ Is it Scissors, Papers, Stones?? BINGO!! =) Let's guess who will be the winner?? LUNCH TIME Committee members distributing the food to hungry participants. Finally, YOU ARE MINE!!!                                     TREASURE HUNT  Participants were split into 7 teams. RUN!!                                 Where is my clue?!! DANCING Time! BREAK & REFRESHMENT yummy~~yummy~~ BRIEF GROUP ACTIVITY- The Betrayer - Betrayers~~~ =) Ashwini mesmerized us with her beautiful voice ~^^~ clap!!clap!! Climax of the event - PRIZE GIVING CEREMONY 1st : RED TEAM