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LOSE CONFIDENT AFTER FAILING THE EXAM??  FEEL LIKE GIVING UP?? NO!!!! NEVER GIVE UP EASILY! IF YOU THINK YOU CAN, YOU CAN LETS PROVE IT WITH THE REAL EXAMPLE. THE REAL CASE IN KDU Yong May Ping. She took P3 classes in Jan 2011 but did not pass in June 2011 exams, then study herself for December 2011 exams and score 79 marks for P3!  How is it? Lets figure it out from her study tips. UNDERSTANDING I believe in constant UNDERSTANDING of the subject syllabus is essential.  Besides attending classes, it is also vital to GRASP THE CONCEPT and  EXAM TECHNIQUES required for each paper as the examiners are different.      2. PROBLEMS ON STUDY For those who find the subject(s) difficult. Get ADVICES and FEEDBACK from FRIENDS who sat for the paper recently to understand the challenges ahead of time for better preparation.  If you do not know who to seek help from, consult your LECTURERS to see if you la

Results for committee interview 2012

RESULTS FOR  COMMITTEE INTERVIEW 2012   C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! ! ! The following is the list of candidates that are selected to be part of our committee :  1. Jessie Wong Sze Yan 2. Lim Jia Jian 3. Primal 4.Trishayaldip Kaur A/P Inderjit Singh 5.Wong Tim Tuck ATTENTION!!!! There will be a PAC CLUB meeting on  Wednesday, 7th of March 2012   at   12.30pm   in   KDU University College .   Attendance is compulsory for all new members. Further details regarding your membership will be informed during the meeting. Thanks You!!