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ACCA Graduates DECEMBER 2011

            C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! ! !               YOU HAVE MADE IT         W ay to go future accountants . 1. Chan Yean Peng 2. Chung Chin Yew 3. Fiona Chan Siew Lian 4. Foo Wai Man 5. Fuminori Kitozume 6. Goh Hooi Nee 7. Ho Lai Yoong 8. Lim Han Yang 9. Loh Siao Way 10. Muhammad Imran Johan 11. Ong Hui Zhe 12. Saw Ah Hoong 13. Tan Hwa Lii 14. Teh Pui Yi 15. Wong Choy Ling G raduation is not the end, it's the beginning.        G o confidently in the direction of your dreams.                L ive the life you have imagined .                    W herever you go, go with all your heart.                                                         PAC BE PROUD OF YOU.


Are you fulltime student of CAT or ACCA programme? B o r e d o f y o u r u n i l i f e ? L ooking for some excitement to spice up your day? Join us at  PAC , a place where u can gain knowledge and experience in various field,  from visiting famous accounting firms to organising events. Be part of the  team and say NO to “ BoREd UnI LiFe ” Closing date for submission of committee application form will be on the   17 th of February by 5pm . Due to limited positions, most suitable candidates will be shortlisted. Only shortlisted candidates will be interviewed on :   29th of February 2012   Time :  12.30-2.30pm  Venue :  KDU University College , PJ Campus Requirement : CAT/ ACCA Full Time Students Please get the application form from PAC office. If you want to know more about our club, you may visit: · · Contact person:   Nadhirah                    012-2441372 Angela