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PAC PwC Visit 2011

on 19th August 2011, PAC organized another Audit Firm Visit to PwC. We gathered at KDU University College, took a group picture before we depart, and then headed off to PwC at KL Sentral by bus. We found something cool about PwC, which is the security system donwstairs at the lobby =) every staff has to tag on the system & press the floor that you wanna go, it'll show you which lift to enter in =) so there's only an "open" button & a "close" button in the lift! haha! but one disadvantage is that IF YOU PRESSED THE WRONG FLOOR, you'll have to wait again! we went into the boardroom, and Ms Jennifer, representative from PwC briefed us on the itinerary. Then, Mr Steve, one of the partners of PwC shared to us about PwC and also his experience in PwC. He is also an ACCA graduate!      The head of HR Department also answered all our questions during the Q&A session.  After that we toured around the office in 2 groups, and took a group photo near

PAC KPMG Visit 2011

PAC organized a Audit Firm Visit to KPMG on 15th August 2011. 40 ACCA students attended this audit firm visit. So we gathered at 1pm and got to KPGM by bus from KDU University College. The representative from KPMG's HR department, Mr Ken briefed us on the itinerary when we reached KPMG's main boardroom. Then, we toured around the office in 3 groups, and the best part of KPMG's office was the MOST C O L O U R F U L place of the whole KPMG- the training centre , which according to Mr Ken, colour motivates people to learn more. =)   After the tour, we went back into the main boardroom, Mr Ken then introduced KPMG to us, the working environment, departments and all. We also had a QUIZ about KPMG, which the students who answered it correctly gets a gift from KPMG. Then, Ms Teresa Chong, one of the partners of KPMG talked to us about her journey in KPMG which really inspires us to work hard & get to the highest level that every accountants dream of-- being one of the partn

PAC Club Accounting Quiz 2011

6th August 2011, Saturday KDU & PAC organized an accounting quiz for high school students. It was our first try, and really a big thank you to all the PAC students who came & helped out during the quiz. We had a short briefing by Mr Chan early in the morning, about our job scopes. There were 7 participating schools in total : SMK Seri Saujana (Seri Petaling) SMK Raja Ali (Jalan Ipoh) Chong Hwa Independent High School (Jalan Ipoh) SMK Taman Bukit Maluri (Kepong) SMK Sri Aman (PJ) SMK Damansara Jaya SMK Bandar Sri Damansara 1 our biggest crowd : Chong Hwa Independent High School had a short college tour for the students who came early by our PAC students our emcee for the day, Keith Yoong. it was a 35 minutes multiple choice accounting quiz, the top scorer with lesser time spanned, will be named champion. the on-screen stop watch =) after the quiz ended, our invigilators marked the papers while a representative from KDU Marketing department came and shared about the c