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CAT-ACCA Awards Ceremony 5th November 2011

On 5th November 2011 in lecture hall (LTA), KDU-PAC held CAT-ACCA Awards Ceremony. This award is to reward the students on achiving highest scores in each paper. We also gave out certificates to CAT graduates. We invited Dr. Tan Hui Leng, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) of KDU University College   to present the awards to the students. The awards are given to : KDU-PAC Scholarship Recipients           ACCA           1) Kooi Sook Jeng ( 279 marks - Knowledge Module)           2) Cui Mei   ( 256 marks - Skills Module)           3)  Lok Chien Man ( 230 marks -Skills Module)             CAT (Introductory & Intermediate Level)           1) Diana Mastura Ahmad ( 376 marks )           2) Venothini Kunathasan Chelliah (362 marks) CAT Top Scorers (December 2010)               T1        Venothini Kunathasan Chelliah                         Diana Mastura Ahmad               T2,T3   Diana Mastura Ahmad               T4         Lim Jian Yu              T5        Venothini K