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Interwiew on CAT/ACCA Lecturers 2

PAC Club carried out an interview session to interview a few CAT/ACCA lecturers from KDU College. We hope to be the "bridge" of communication between the lecturers & the students. As we know, the exams are around the corner, and the students must be anxious & we believe they would like to hear some advise from the lecturers. Therefore, PAC Club's Public Relations Department conducted an interview session with the lecturers, mostly questions about examination. Interview on Mr Laurence Kuek (F2-PT, F5) The exams are around the corner, what is your advise for the students to study/revise for the exams?? Prioritize each paper's key topic areas, create a study plan and stick to it . Your lecturers can help here. Consider creating a study group with course-mates . The objective is to reflect and fine tune what you have learned in a group setting. For e.g. review how you would explain concepts and apply calculation techniques. In your opinion, wh

Interwiew on CAT/ACCA Lecturers

Recently we have done interviews on lecturers for exam forecast. They had motivated us a lot with their answers. We included the interviews on the lecturers below : Interview on Ms.Gin Li   (Knowledge module) Alia : Hi Ms.Gin Li. We’re from PAC Committee. We would like to have an interview with you to ask you a few questions about Forecast for exam. First question is tips for exam? Ms.Gin Li : First of all, student has to really understand the paper you’re learning and to do enough revision for the particular topics. I believe in practice makes perfect. And last but not least , do not spot question. Alia : How should we revise for exam? Sometimes students just don’t know where and when to start revising. Ms.Gin Li : I would think that , after class you should actually revise whatever you have learned in the class within 24 hours. Otherwise you will take longer time to revise it , that’s why you have to revise when they are still fresh in your mind. Secondly, revising is n

Outward Bound, Lumut (PAC Leadership Camp)


Advise from KDU-PAC's ACCA Graduates

By: Jack Chew Jian Hua As a student pursuing an ACCA qualification, it is assumed that we are capable to handle exams well, and all we need to do is to be prepared. However, exam preparation can be tiring. Hence, I would like to share about my ACCA exam preparation and perhaps, to shed some light on how to excel. These are some of the critical success factors: Time Management Have good time management; plan a study timetable with a Things-To-Do list for the week. Abide by the time table to achieve your goal. Be responsible as a student if you are determined to pass the exam. Revision Revise, using past year ACCA exam papers. Be diligent in attempting all the practice exercises given by the lecturers, including the past year exam questions. Practice helps you to anticipate the type of questions and hence, you can find out how to answer them better. Also, having a better understanding of the exam structure will enable you to manage your time during

ACCA Graduates from KDU-PAC

On 1st October 2011, ACCA Graduation Ceremony was held at One World Hotel. KDU-PAC's very FIRST BATCH OF ACCA GRADUATES are as below:- 1247743 Harwin Kaur A/p Balbir Singh 1705906 Chai Min Sin 1142472 Tatenda Reuben Dunduru 1345806 Nahela 1644500 Noor Azlinda 1520923 Sin Ai Ka 1218350 Tan Jing Yi 1514957 Tan Li Lian 1564942 Thum Wen Huey 1961602 Yap Lu Hong 1833080 Andrew Han Jiet Lim 1833026 Yie Yin Vanessa Shim 1812923 Lydia Phang Mei Huey 1632239 Cheek Lynn Yee 1199536 Yap Vei Ee PAC congratulate you on your great achievement! We're so proud of  you! C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! ! !