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PAC April 2011 Orientation

PAC club organized a Academic Briefing Day for the April 2011 intake students recently in April, about "The Route to Professional Accountancy-ACCA" and also a brief idea on the "Changes in syllabus".   Our beloved counsellor, Kak Ana working on the Initial Registration for new students Our emcee for the day, Nadhirah Johari & speaker of the day, Mr Alex Chan , ACCA finalist, Matthew Chang sharing his experience of being an ACCA student Keith Yoong, our legal advisor 2010/2011 led a brief introduction of our very own PAC club (sorry about the picture rotation problem) And of course, we had a ceremony of giving out certificate of appreciation  to our PAC club committee members 2010/2011 (sorry again, about the picture rotation problem) President, Ms Weiye Vice president, Wan Yoong And also, a ceremony for our CAT & ACCA Top Scorers December 2010 During the break, we had a chit-chatting session with the parents and also the new students. Of co