L'Amour, Paris Prom Night 2011

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With love, From Paris

15th February 2011, The Club@ Bukit Utama - The romantic evening started off with a superb opening performance by Keith Yoong and friends. The singing and dancing was really good as it hyped up the crowd and gave a hit start to the event of the night. 

 As soon as the opening act ended, heartwarming opening speeches by the ACCA Academic Department Head, Mr. Chan Tze Kang as well as the organizing chairperson, Evon Khong were up next. Both speeches instantly increase the excitement of the crowd and kept them looking forward to the next agenda, wanting for more.

 Next, dinner was served right after the speeches as we did not want to hear ravenous tummies rumbling! The food was delicious, matched with the romantic atmosphere surrounding the ballroom.

During the dinner, there were more performances by the KDU PARTS ( KDU Performing Arts members) and not forgetting to mention, our very own ACCA students, Matthew Chang, Ashwini Rajakumar, Keith Yoong and was wrapped up with an amazing closing performance by Evon Khong and the organising committee members . They all did a great job strutting their stuff out there, showing their talents. Good job!

Furthermore, we had lucky draws which many exciting prizes were given away. Happy faces were spotted at every corner of the ballroom, people were chatting away, eating and drinking merrily like there's no tomorrow. The sight was pleasant and relieving for the whole organizing committee as they have worked really hard to organize such an awesome event. It was definitely a night to remember!

Once again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH to those who have attended the prom night. YOU made it happened, too. :)

P.S: PAC Club will organize events which are fun and exciting from time to time. Please support us!


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