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KDU PAC PRESENTS PROM NIGHT 2011 Have you always dreamed about flying to Paris? Have you always wanted to bring your loved ones or find your true love in Paris in conjunction with Valentines Day?   Then look no further, as KDU's PAC Club brings Paris to you in a night that is bound to leave you with a glimpse of life in Paris. With a mouth-watering 3 main course buffet . ( apéritif, entrée, and dessert ), you will be entertained by performances de jazz while you par take your meal, and lucky draws among the many other events, L'amour Paris promises to be a night to remember. Last but not least, prize for the best dressed hommes / femmes and coronation of Prom King and Queen that you'll be voting for during that night. "I'm not from KDU University College" you say. We have good news for you. Not only is it affordable , it's an open event. This means not just you, but you and your friends are invited for a night of unforgettable m