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Broga Leadership Camp 2010

All our hardwork are paid out looking at the success of PAC's very first leadership camp. The Broga Leadership Camp was held on 20th- 21st August 2010 and was participated by both CAT and ACCA students of KDU. Our adventure started on a delightful Friday morning. All participants were gathered at KDU's main entrance that fine morning for registration, to get their name tags, group allocation and goodie bags =) While waiting for the bus to arrive in KDU to pick us up to Broga Outbac Camp, all participants gathered around, talking and laughing, getting to know each other. When the bus finally arrived, all participants were asked to sit according to their groups in the bus to discuss their group name, how their group flag should be drawn, performance for campfire, and getting to know their own team members. Along the journey, everyone was really excited planning for the day ahead and through the look in their face, we know that they were certainly having fun and we were very