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THIS IS IT!< The very much anticipated event of the year 2010 is here! Themed HOLLYWOOD GLAMOUR PROM NIGHT 2010 , it will be your once in a lifetime chance to live the night like a celebrity, totally - Hollywood Style ! Just imagine yourself walking down the red carpet with flashes of light wherever you go. It will be an experience you won't forget! So why wait? Just get your hands on the tickets fast and not forgetting to get well dressed like a celebrity would to this glamorous event of the year! It is all happening on the 29th of January 2010, at Tropicana Golf & Country Resort ! Latest Update on Our Upcoming Prom Night 2010 Well, as you all know our first ever PAC Prom Night is around the corner it’s now time to nominate your Prom King and Prom Queen . You may nominate your friends or even yourself as the prom king or queen by writing down the name(s) of your desired nomination on the registration form. We will also be setting up a booth to accept the nom