This Is It! KPMG Student Visit.

The very much awaited update on the KPMG student visit is finally here!

KPMG Visit

On 23 October 2009, Friday, a group of business school students and us, the ACCA bunch from KDU College made a short visit to KPMG. We left the college at about 2pm.

Upon arrival, we had a presentation talk by one of the KPMG partners in the boardroom. He showed us a presentation slide about KPMG, which I suppose some of us in the boardroom were awed by the workplace environment and many other things KPMG has to offer. Soon after the presentation, there was a Q&A session and tea break was served.

During the tea break, we got the chance to mingle with some of KPMG's staff. They were friendly people, very confident, very outspoken. You would be surprised, just having a little chat with them could simply benefit yourself an extra piece of knowledge. After tea break, we had a tour around KPMG. ;)

Alright, we shall let the pictures do the talking.

A group photo upon arriving at KPMG

Short discussions in session

Tea break!

"We think creatively!"

We were separated into small groups for a short tour.

Last but not least, another group photo before we depart.

And so, we departed KPMG at 5 o'clock in the late noon...

Hold on!

Not forgetting...

The benefits gained from the visit?

1. Know how does KPMG operates.
2. KPMG encourages staff to balance work time with active involvement in a range of social and community activities.
3. KPMG is not only an audit firm, their entire suite of services encompasses audit, tax, financial advisory and business advisory.
4. Flexibility in work (eg. Audit can switch to tax)
5. Their work culture is working together as a team
6. There are 10 office locations in Malaysia...
7. etc.

Internship Program

KPMG doors are open to undergraduates from local and foreign colleges/universities who seek practical training experience. The program is for Malaysian undergraduates who are keen to explore and experience the intricacies of being part of a dynamic team in a professional services firm like KPMG.


1. Provide undergraduates with practical experience
2. Broaden student’s awareness of the opportunities within KPMG

With regard to the internship application for ACCA full time student at KDU College, the basic requirement are as below:-

1. Must be a local student.
2. Must complete ALL Knowledge Level & Skills Level papers PLUS P2 & P3 (with average marks of 60%).
3. Must be able to go through a 6 months of internship program

How to apply?

Please log on to KPMG website and apply via “internship” at:

Only short listed candidates will be notified.



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