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On Screen Marking

Important information for December 2009 Session ‘On screen marking’ for exams Relevant for the papers ¨ ACCA (F1, F5, F7, P1, P2, P3) ¨ CAT (T8, T9 and T10) For those students that will sit for those papers need to know: ¨ To complete your personal details on the front of the new style candidate answer booklet. It is essential that you bubble (fully colour-in the appropriate circle) the following sections of the front cover of the new booklet very carefully:About you: registration number and nameAbout your exam: the paper they are taking and the version if appropriateAbout your centre: the centre code (including hall), centre name and desk number where they are sitting(All of these details are on your Exam Attendance Docket) ¨ To start each question on a new page and the question number should be bubbled in the section at the top of the page. ¨ To use black ballpoint pen at all times; to complete their details on the booklet and when answering the

This Is It! KPMG Student Visit.

The very much awaited update on the KPMG student visit is finally here! KPMG Visit On 23 October 2009, Friday, a group of business school students and us, the ACCA bunch from KDU College made a short visit to KPMG. We left the college at about 2pm. Upon arrival, we had a presentation talk by one of the KPMG partners in the boardroom. He showed us a presentation slide about KPMG, which I suppose some of us in the boardroom were awed by the workplace environment and many other things KPMG has to offer. Soon after the presentation, there was a Q&A session and tea break was served. During the tea break, we got the chance to mingle with some of KPMG's staff. They were friendly people, very confident, very outspoken. You would be surprised, just having a little chat with them could simply benefit yourself an extra piece of knowledge. After tea break, we had a tour around KPMG. ;) Alright, we shall let the pictures do the talking. A group photo upon arriving at KPMG Short discussions