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PAC Camp 2018

PACC 2018 : Empowerment

A 3 days 2 nights (3rd to 5th of August) camp was held in KDU University College, Utropolis Glenmarie and OUTBAC Broga. This camp has attracted many new participants who was their first time participating in PAC Camp!

Opening Ceremony
PACC 2018’s day one started with Opening Ceremony which was held in the KDU’s silence room. Opening Ceremony were officiated by Mr Chan Tze Kang, Academic Department Head of PAC, Mr Daniel, Founder of DL Training, Ms Kok Shwu Jiun, Program Leader of PAC, Ms Cindy, Executive Student Recruitment and Support of PAC and Ms Chan Yen Shan, Event Director of PACC 2018.
Ice breaking game
After the bid farewell of VIPs, a camp briefing was conducted to ensure safety of the participants while they have fun. Ice breaking games were carried out after the breifing whereby participants get to break the ice. However in-order to get into their real groups, participants were required to solve an equation being provided at the back of their name tag.

KDU’S Got Talent Season 3

Professional Accountancy Centre (PAC) Club returns again with one of the largest annual event, KDU’s Got Talent Season 3. Just like the previous years, the objective of organising this event is to provide a platform for the students to discover and showcase their hidden talents. However, this year, we also aim to give back to the community by raising funds and donating to a charitable organisation during the finals. Have a look at our write-up on the major moments which happened during KDU’s Got Talent Season 3.

Poster of KDU’s Got Talent Season 3 Audition

Poster of KDU’s Got Talent Season 3 Finals & Charity Concert
The audition and finals were held on the 14th September 2018 (Friday) and 23rd September 2018 (Sunday) respectively. For the Finals, KDU’s Got Talent Season 3 collaborated with Refuge for the Refugees, an NGO with the noble goal of helping raise the standard of living for refugee kids. The Finals was presented in the form of a charity concert where ticket proceeds will be…

Firm Visit to Baker Tilly and Bursa Malaysia

On the 21st of August 2018, 38 students from CAT and ACCA participated in a firm visit located at Baker Tilly and Bursa Malaysia. A group photo at KDU College Baker Tilly We arrived at Baker Tilly at 9:30am. After registration, we were given a welcoming speech by Mister Danny Yeoh which was the HR Manager of Baker Tilly. The next session was continued with a tour around Baker Tilly’s office area from the Audit Department up till the reception area located on the 10th floor. We were then served with some light refreshments while waiting for the next speaker to arrive.
The last session was at 11.30 am where the Audit Manager, Mister Daniel, gave us a talk about External Auditor and life in the Audit department. After the speech, there was photography session among all participants and the speakers.
A group photo together with the speakers Bursa Malaysia We arrived at Bursa Malaysia at 1.25 pm. We had our lunch in Bursa before the event started. After lunch, we registered ourselves and enter the…

Firm Visit To LHDNM and Bank Negara