The Annual Grand Ball 2017

Midnight in Paris, an elegant and romantic theme for one of the largest events organised annually by the Professional Accountancy Centre (PAC) Club, The Annual Grand Ball 2017 (AGB 2017). The event proved to be an overwhelming success with over 150 ladies and gentlemen giving their best to dress up like a runway models during Paris Fashion Week. This year, AGB 2017 aimed to bring you more spectacular performances by collaborating with KDU’s Got Talent Season 2 (KGT) for the second time and inviting well known performers to spice up the programme flow. Have a look at our write-up on the major moments which happened during The Annual Grand Ball 2017.
Welcome to our Annual Grand Ball!

The guests of AGB 2017 first entered the glamourous venue through the main entrance which was decorated sophisticatedly with sparkling champagne toned curtains after registering themselves at the registration counter. Our photographers then stored the best looks of each participant complemented with our Instagram-worthy photo booths using polaroid photos. These masterpieces were given to the participants respectively as door gifts. The attentive ushers then lead the participants to their respective tables, which was chosen during registration.

Girls in Black handling the registration table

Wow look at those models!

On of our handsome VIPs, Mr Leow being escorted by an usher.

After the grand entrance of our honourable VIPs lead by the VIP ushers, Ms. Joyce Loy and Ms. Jessica Chow, Originalution Dance Crew, a dance team from Royal Phantom Dance Studio set the stage on fire with their stunning opening dance.

Constantly entertaining the guests with humour and teasing throughout the event

Ms. Sophia Lee and Mr. Nicholas Koon, the ultimate duo of the stage for the night then started introducing themselves after thanking the energetic dance crews of Originalution.
Go Originalution!

The emcees then invited Mr. Chan Tze Kang, Department Head of the Professional Accountancy Centre (PAC), Ms. Tee Mei Fong, Programme Leader of PAC, Mr. Daniel Lee, Advisor of PAC, Mr. Leow Chee Kuan, Representative of Paramount Utropolis Retail Sdn. Bhd., Ms. Joyce Loy Hui Eng, Event advisor of AGB 2017, and Mr. Tieh Jien Hern, Event director of AGB 2017, on stage to officiate the special night. Everyone was stunned when the unilluminated Eiffel Tower lit up the dark auditorium after the VIPs pressed the big red button together.

The event then proceeded by the welcoming remarks given by Mr. Chan Tze Kang, Department Head of PAC, followed by Ms. Laura Liong Tng Yeng, President of PAC Club, and lastly Mr. Tieh Jien Hern, Event director of AGB 2017.
Tam Humble nailing their not so humble moves.

As soon as the speeches were over, the stage background was enlightened with the introduction video of the first KGT finalist of the night, the dance group that was overloading with confidence, Team Humble. The down-to-earth team members started taking the audience's breath away with their synchronised dance moves and energetic song choice. They mentioned that being modest is a vital quality in life as we’re always meeting different individuals in every stage of life and that was how they came up with the unique team name, Team Humble.
Congratulations to all the top scorers!

Subsequently, the stage was passed on to the dazzling awards emcees, Ms. Laura Liong Tng Yeng and Ms. Sarah Amirah Johan, to award the dedicated CAT and ACCA Top Scorers. The Top Scorers’ hard-work finally paid off when they set their feet onto the stage to receive the certificates given by the Department Head of PAC, Mr. Chan Tze Kang.
The small lady making big sounds using her guitar as her medium!

KDU students never fail to stun the audience during the event, especially with the performance presented by the second finalist of the night, Ms. Siti Imanina who was a guitarist that played instrumental songs. The charismatic guitarist strummed to the audience heart with an influential song, The Lonely Traveller which was composed by herself.

Everyone at this table was definitely hungry

Smiles could be seen on our senior's faces

Grabbing their food at the buffet line

Originalution with 2 of our PAC staff, Mr Ben and Ms Cindy.

Dinner time was one of the highlights of the night as the auditorium was filled with the aroma of western cuisines when the caterers started unsealing the buffet trays. The participants were required to answer simple questions asked by the emcees before being granted the access to grab the mouth-watering barbeque chicken wings, crispy golden fish and chips, creamy carbonara spaghetti, hot tender black pepper chicken chop and petite slider burgers topped with cherry tomatoes at the buffet line.
NJHL group(previously in KDU's Git Talent S2) with the judges

Fiona Wong with the muse of her song, Dania.

Everyone was still showing off their photo taking skills at the astonishing photo booths after the delicious dinner while the emcees decided to continue with the next programme of the night, Introduction of the Prom King and Prom Queen nominees.
Sophia showing her moves to the audience while giving an example to the Prom Queens

Prom King Candidate, Shaun Ming

Prom Queen candidate , Jia Yi

The 8 glamourous and well-suited nominees were stupefied when they found their faces appearing on screen one by one. They were startled when they found out that they were required to present a cat-walk on stage to attract votes from the audience. Despite being forced on stage, they gave their all during the cat-walk as they were told that the prizes for the winners would be fruitful.
The harmonisation and rap was fit for the finals.

It was a perfect ending for the KGT finals when the last finalist, Ms. Fiona Wong started to bring in good vibes with her own original, Perfect. The creative singer decided to abandon her guitar and thought outside of the box by performing an Acapella with her ‘clones’ on screen. The judges were astonished by her new idea and the audience was so touched when she dedicated the song to her best friend, Dania that’ve always stayed by her side since high school.
Congratulations to the Graduates!

The event continued with the presence of our award emcees, announcing the Graduates of CAT and ACCA Programme. The emcees managed to bring the graduates’ feelings to the climax when they crafted a short and entertaining description or message for each certificate receiver. It will be a whole new journey for every one of the graduates once they walk out to the working world with the certificate given to them by Mr. Chan Tze Kang, Department Head of PAC.
Previous Kings and Queens of PAC Club, but forever Kings and Queens in our hearts

As an act of honour to the sacrifices given to the club by the PAC Club’s Board of Directors 2015/2016,
Ms Tee Mei Fong, Programme Leader of PAC, was invited on stage to present the appreciation certificates to the Board of Directors 2015/2016. They certainly worked from fingers to bones to maintain the club’s reputation and to conserve the welfare of PAC students.
There we many lucky draw prizes to be won!

Mr Leow, a representative of Utropolis Marketplace choosing the fate of the lucky winner!

The night reached its peak when the emcees started mentioning about giving out free prizes, The Lucky Draw Session. Each participant had an equal opportunity to win the amazing prizes sponsored by the generous sponsors as their ticket numbers were being picked randomly from the crystal bowl on stage. The attractive prizes included branded shoe bags, RM 20 Starbucks Cards, RM 50 H&M Cards and the grand prize, a Buffet Dinner Voucher for 2 worth RM 250. Ms. Laura Liong Tng Yeng, President of PAC Club and Mr. Leow Chee Kuan, Representative of Paramount Utropolis Retail Sdn. Bhd. were invited on stage to pick the numbers from the crystal bowl and they certainly enjoyed it by looking at the smile on their faces when they were presenting the prizes.
The King and Queen of the night

The next prize giving session was to the Prom King and Queen by Mr. Tieh Jien Hern, Event director of AGB 2017. The elegant looking Prom Queen, Ms. Celin and charming Prom King, Mr. Lim Shaun Ming received a pair of movie tickets each as a reward for dressing best according to the theme, Midnight in Paris. The roaring of the 3 finalists’ names from the audiences could be heard as soon as the emcees invited the judges for KGT on stage to present the final award of the night.
The judges enjoying one of our photobooths

The honourable judges who attended were Mr. Sean Ooi, Director of The Academy Music Centre, Ms. Elaine Lee, Vocal Tutor of Young Choral Academy, Mr. John Stephen, Programme Leader of School of Communications and Creative Arts, and Mr. Chan Tze Kang, Department Head of PAC. The heart stopping moment came when the result was being displayed on screen, one by one accompanied by suspense background music.


Team Humble was crowned as the Champion followed by Ms. Fiona as the First Runner Up and Ms. Siti Imanina as the Second Runner Up of KDU’s Got Talent Season 2!
Mr John receiving his token

Thank you Mr Sean!

Thank you Ms Lee

Thank you Mr Chan

The honourable judges were required to remain on stage as the magnificent Ms. Charmaine Woo, Programme Director of AGB 2017 presented them each a certificate and a token of appreciation.

Ms. Charmaine Woo had also presented a certificate to Mr. Leow Chee Kuan, Representative of Paramount Utropolis Retail Sdn. Bhd. as a sign of appreciation towards their generous sponsorship for PAC Club’s events.
Go Ms Lee ! 

Fiona and her best friend Dania performing 'Red' by Taylor Swift with Red Buck Noise

The night ended with the closing performance featured by Red Buck Noise, an electrifying band sponsored by The Academy Music Centre, with a pianist who knows how to sing romantic songs like Perfect by Ed Sheeran. Furthermore, Ms. Fiona Wong joined the band and performed Red by Taylor Swift, followed by the amazing judge for KGT, Ms. Elaine Lee who sang like an angel from heaven. Next up, lets look at some awesome dance floor photos!

The night finally came to an end when the dance floor finally opened and the audience came together and socialised while dancing together. 
Our sponsors (PART 1)

Our sponsors (PART 2)

Lastly, we would like to thank all the amazing performers who gave their all during the night to entertain the audience. Not forgetting the generous sponsors and staffs from both PAC and Student & Alumni Centre, be it financially or in-kind, without all the support from them, this event wouldn’t be as successful. 
Thank you to all committees who worked hard for this night.


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