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Malaysian Students Accounting Convention (MASC) 2017

After a full year’s wait, the Malaysian Accounting Students Convention (MASC) has once again been held. The annual event organized by the University of Malaya Accounting Club (UMAC) has been bringing various accounting students from both private and public tertiary institutions across Malaysia together throughout the years. Do not let the title of the event deter you from joining this camp as it is far from its boring title. Each year, different activities are held but their motto remains the same: To train future accountants who are competent with INTEGRITYETHICAL, and SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE.

This year, MASC 2017 was held from 19th to 22nd of January 2017. Our students were invited to attend this remarkable event and were definitely feeling the jitters on our first day. After all, our seniors have boasted tons about it to us. Let’s recap on what happened!
Registration starts!

After regrouping, we were brought into the hall for the long awaited Opening Ceremony. VIPS gave their speec…