PAC Charity Drive 4.0 - A Visit To Rumah Hope

Date                       : 3rd May 2016

Time                       : 1pm - 5pm

Venue                    : Rumah Hope

Participants           : 9 event's committees and 6 volunteers

All participants involved gathered in front of PAC office around 1pm to carry benefits-in-kind donated and basic necessities bought from proceeds earned during the charity event to the entrance of KDU College to be placed onto the van. After placing everything onto the van, we departed to Rumah Hope around 1.30pm.

Handling over benefits-in-kind and necessities bought from proceeds earned through the charity event

We reached our destination after half an hour later. However, due to the sudden change of management of Rumah Hope, they were not aware of our visits and were a little uncertain of our presence. Despite the little miscommunication, they welcomed us warmly and with gratitude. After handling all benefits-in-kind and necessities brought to the management, we also hand over the mock cheque prepared by our committees to the director in charge.

Presentation of mock cheque RM2500 to the director of Rumah Hope

On the other hand, children there welcomed us with a bright smile and even offered to carry things we brought to the storeroom. After that, we broke the ice by introducing each other and started a game session with them. The awkward atmosphere became more comfortable when we started our tutoring session too. Nevertheless, there were other things interfered in between our activities due to the miscommunications among the managements of Rumah Hope causing us to stop our activities. Upon waiting for our transport to depart back to KDU, some of us decided to clean the compound of Rumah Hope while other participants were having some conversations with the children.

Ice breaking session
Tutoring Session
Exciting games session
Heart-to-heart conversations

Cleaning the compound of Rumah Hope in order to provide a comfortable home for the children

Time flies and the visiting soon came to an end, we took a group picture with the children there to preserve the memory we made together. Lastly, all of us left Rumah Hope reluctantly and departed back to KDU at 5pm. The event ended successfully under the lead of our event director and the commitment of our fellow committees.

Group photo

Hardworking committees were washing cars without taking a breath
Car stickers, badges and keychains specially designed by our event's committees
Welcome to our booth!


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