PAC Firm Visit to BDO Malaysia (Part 1)

The firm visit 2015  to BDO Malaysia and Bursa Malaysia  have been organized by KDU PAC Club for ACCA students to provide them a better understanding of the services provided , management of operations and career prospects in the finance industry nowadays. Details of the firm visits are as follows:

The “journey” began with the registration of all the participants on our Attendance List. 

From Left to Right: Kian Fei, Chloe, Joyce, James, Jon, Pin Zhuang, Juan Hao and Xiu Wen.
Here is the Firm Visit Event Organise Committee Board 

Those “Red shirt” are The Event Organisers on the event day.

Group Photo of all participants before departure from KDU DJ Campus.


Interested in taking our students to one of the most prestigious audit firms in the world to provide them with the valuable chance to meet the highly qualified and experienced professionals, listening to their stories and understanding their firm’s operations, the day began with the visit at BDO Malaysia:

Walking to BDO Malaysia.

Looking for instructions at the counter.

BDO in Malaysia is a member firm of BDO International, the world's fifth largest network of professional firms providing audit, advisory and tax services to businesses ranging from established multinational conglomerates to growth-oriented organisations, whether public or private. With 1,328 offices in 151 countries, BDO International employs over 60,000 partners and staff.

Here is the itinerary of our visit at BDO Malaysia:

Getting ready for the talk.
Most of the participants were waiting for the talk about BDO to have more information about the firm.
Welcome Speech from BDO

BDO Talk Session.
"Having a hard time….. no electricity in the building =P"

One of the BDO staff share with us her  career journey to and in BDO. (Experience Sharing Session)

Office tour: We met one of our senior classmate there working as an intern.

After the office tour, BDO Malaysia had prepared lunch for our participants. And we had lunch with some of the senior staff at BDO Cafeteria. "It was very nice"

We discovered also that most the senior staff there was ACCA members!

Thanks to all BDO staff for this wonderful experience.

Family group photo at BDO.


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